Pathway to Victory

What will be the Republican pathway for victory this November? 


The leaders of the Democrat Party have opened the door for us this year. All we have to do is show voters of every persuasion the sharp contrast between the two parties. 


The leaders of the Democrat Party want abortion on demand up to birth. 


We want justice for the unborn. 


They want to take it easy on those who violate the law while making it hard for police officers to perform their duties. 


We want to show support for the police, because we know that all officers should not have to suffer for the wrong actions of a rogue officer. 


Note: I signed to emphasize my support for the police (and corrections officers). 


They want a socialistic society where government has most of the power. 


We want less dependency on government and more individual freedoms.


They want to limit or do away with your Second Amendment rights.


We want to ensure you maintain your Second Amendment rights without any “infringements.”


They want to levy taxes and increase the size of government with little thought towards accountability.


We want a less intrusive government and more accountability where tax dollars are spent.


They want open borders, which, as a consequence, will make it easier for gangs such as MS-13 to cross over with their drugs and victims of human trafficking. And they want to defund Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).


We want strict border security with a clearly defined pathway for citizenship for those who enter legally. We want a responsible immigration policy.


They want to continue to fund failing social programs that too often penalize success.


We want to provide equal opportunities for success.


They think bureaucrats should decide where your children are allowed to attend school, and what they should learn.


We think parents are the ones with the right to decide about their children’s education through Education Empowerment Accounts. We want curriculum that inspires our children to do their best and feel good about contributing to the future of our great nation.


They think in "collective terms.” 


We think in terms of "individual rights.”


They restrict.


We enable.


"You didn't build that" and "That's not who we are" are terms they use that belittle. 


We use terms that inspire such as "make America great."


They think the United States is corrupt and evil.


We take pride in our nation and strive to make it better.


They think people need to be told how to live.


We trust people to make their own decisions based on their beliefs.


And because of the knowledge I have gained the past six years as a Senator, I feel I am the best candidate to bring this argument to the people of Delaware.


What is my pathway for victory this November? 


I won my 2018 re-election campaign with 65% of the vote, even though the Democrats came out in force in what they called a BLUE WAVE.


My success was because I had a great team of supporters and we worked hard and had a strong message, one all voters could embrace. I will carry that message to the rest of the voters of Delaware. 


I will speak to the mothers and grandmothers in the cities and towns where crime has overtaken their neighborhoods to the point where children are not only at risk walking to the market, but even in their homes.


I will ask legislators to give me a bill to sign to offer Education Empowerment Accounts, so that parents, and not government bureaucrats, can choose the best school for their children.


I will work with community leaders to make neighborhoods safe again, so that businesses will once again have the confidence to set up shop and provide job opportunities. (And children and parents can frequent and purchase at those businesses without fear.)


Winning elections and serving in government are serious undertakings. It will take knowledge, experience and tremendous perseverance to reform this government and make these improvements.


I ask for your vote in the Tuesday, Sept. 15, Primary Election, so I can go on to win in November and start to work for the people of Delaware, all the people of Delaware.



Bryant Richardson for Governor 

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