News Release-Restrictions are Unfairly Taking Away Freedoms

Governor Carney has distorted justice by issuing orders restricting the activities of some businesses while allowing others to stay open and even limiting church services.
In opposition, I joined State Representative Rich Collins in sponsoring a bill to rein in the power of any governor in the event of other such emergencies.
House Bill 330 (HB330) would change the law to limit the Governor's authority to continue a state of emergency.  It would also require the Governor to get the approval of the General Assembly before extending a state of emergency.
Regarding the closing of churches, State Senator Dave Lawson and I sent a letter to the Governor asking him to reconsider.  In part we said:
"Our religious institutions are an important part of our lives.  Our religious leaders should not fear being arrested for performing services and helping those in the community that are suffering the most due to the virus and the shutdowns."
I also worked with Representative Collins on a bill to set aside $100 million to help businesses recover from the shutdowns (HB358) and a bill to reduce the threat from lawsuits against businesses and homeowners' associations for reopening (HB359).
We need leaders who will stand up and defend our basic human rights.
I am proud to stand with Senator Lawson and Representative Collins to win back our rights.

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