Editorial for State News Supporting Richardson for Governor

I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Senator Bryant Richardson on two winning
campaigns; one campaign where he handily won by almost a 2:1 margin over his Democratic
opponent; one where he upset a beloved incumbent Democrat.
I witnessed firsthand, his decision making skills on campaign issues; his final approvals on campaign
spending; his even demeanor; his quiet humility; and yes, his dry sense of humor.
What you see is what you get with Senator Richardson; steadfast commitment and integrity, both rare
qualities in politicians these days.
He has been serving in state government for 6 years; long enough to see what needs attention and
wants to make a difference.
I support Senator Richardson because in the end you govern ALL citizens of Delaware. If he can
appeal to Democrats in his Senate District 21, then his chances of winning Independents and
Conservative Democrats state wide are more positive than “in your face” campaigning. Senator
Richardson is a quiet fighter and has the wisdom to know how to navigate among his Democratic
counterparts; more of a Statesman than a career politician.
Kathy Tulley, Seaford

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