Contract for a New Delaware

By State Senator Bryant L. Richardson A responsible government should provide conditions in which people can pursue their dreams. People need to feel appreciated, to have an equal opportunity to succeed and to live in a safe environment. As a candidate for governor, I believe it’s important to provide voters of all political persuasions with a vision for the future that everyone can embrace. Here are the issues upon which my administration will focus:   Value of Life Restoration Act A commitment to protect life from conception to natural death, including support f... Learn More

Combatting the drug epidemic

Saying there is a drug epidemic in Delaware is not an exaggeration. Calling it a crisis is not sensationalism. Anyone who doubts this should speak to any one of the hundreds of people in our state who have lost loved ones to overdose deaths. How widespread is the problem? Does it just involve fentanyl, the deadliest of the drugs? Certainly the problem we want to solve first is the one that is taking most of the lives. But the use of other drugs is also having a devastating impact on individuals, families and businesses.   Awareness   The battle against drugs i... Learn More

Energy Policy

Delaware's current renewable energy policy is costing Delaware's residents and businesses hundreds of millions of dollars per year to purchase electrical power from non-competitive sources, such as wind, solar and solid oxide fuel cells; and to participate in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI), a regional "cap and trade" program. Continuing the current energy policy will further increase electrical power costs causing the loss of more jobs. I support legislation that will make Delaware more competitive with other states in energy rates. Utility rates are ... Learn More

Success in life begins in the classroom

Roughly one third of the state budget is spent on education. Yet too many of our young people are graduating or leaving school unprepared to support themselves and with little hope of ever supporting a family. The current leadership in Delaware continues to think that our problems can be solved by just doing more of the same and asking taxpayers to dig deeper into their pockets to fund what have been proven to be failing ideas. If we want to improve the economy, our schools must do a better job preparing students for the workforce or higher education. Studies have shown that mor... Learn More

Without law and order our society ends

We have law and order problems in Delaware that must to be addressed. It’s time to get serious. People are at risk when they leave their homes. In some neighborhoods, people are at risk even in their homes. Human trafficking continues to make victims of young girls. People are dying of drug overdoses. Extremists who want to destroy our way of life adds to the stress our law officers and their family members face. There is pressure to reduce budgets for law enforcement, at a time when public safety is increasingly at risk. Showing our support for law enforcement is ex... Learn More

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